I feel my mental health is more positive, and I certainly have more tools that I have incorporated strictly because of this specific class.

If my body feels sluggish – more from what I may have eaten rather than a symptom of my MS, I quickly think back or look at the list I now keep when eating anything that isn’t raw or natural.

Because of one specific couple that took the class with us and sat outside during the sessions, it has made me more aware to take opportunities or make them, to get outside! Phone calls, a break or nap etc.

I desperately want to journal more. When I do it has been very relaxing and good for my mental state as well as my soul. Writing is often difficult for me but I am trying to get more frequent.  I am considering using an app where I could speak to my phone.

I have not been good with getting a cardio workout. I have some really good excuses though 🤣🤣🤣. NOT!

Since the class I have been made aware of how awesome it was to have this class due to our rural community. Running into former classmates has been very uplifting and an excellent reminder to continue what we’ve learned and gained. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am that I was able to do something from my home, but with my local community as well.

Of all the classes I think 🤔 I was only ready and on time twice, but was able to participate from home.

Had I needed to go somewhere I don’t believe I could have participated due to my physical limitations early in the day.

Stephanie and Heather were extremely professional, with kindness and support on the forefront. Due to the amount of information covered and our own input, the classes were 2.5 hours long. Not once did I feel we moved too fast or do I recall the feeling of lingering on one topic too long.

I was very impressed and again grateful for this opportunity.

Healthy Living Class Graduate – 2020


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