During a Blood Pressure Screening event at one of the local markets, one of MHA’s Community Health Workers (CHW) screened a 43-year-old man for hypertension. Before sitting down to have his numbers read he explained that his blood pressure was going to be high. He was right. His numbers indicated he was at Stage 1 Hypertension. The client explained that he intended to see a cardiologist but had not yet made the appointment. When our CHW suggested that he see his primary care provider, the client explained that his doctor was located in Southern California… 489 mile away. After a second reading displayed similar numbers, he was encouraged to establish primary care locally so that he could be seen by a doctor sooner. The man took her advice. A couple months later he ran into our CHW and said, “I am now on medication for my high blood pressure and I am feeling so much better.”


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