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In an effort to increase access to prevention services in Mendonoma, MHA offers free blood pressure and cholesterol screenings throughout our Service Area. Regular screenings are intended to alert at-risk individuals to see a medical provider for further analysis of results that are considered out of range. For individuals who have irregular results but do not have a regular medical provider, MHA offers coordination services to assist in establishing primary care. For individuals with irregular results that do have an established medical provider, MHA can share the results of the screening with the provider upon an authorized release of information.
Health screenings can be accessed in two ways:
  1. By dropping by one of our scheduled screening locations (no appointment necessary).
  2. By scheduling an appointment at the MHA office located in Gualala.
To schedule a screening at MHA’s office in Gualala, call (707) 412-3176 x101 (English) or (707) 412-3176 x106 (Spanish) or send an email to [email protected] or provide your information in the inquiry box to the right of this page. For a list of upcoming community screenings, refer to MHA’s News & Events page or our monthly Calendar.

What to Expect

Blood pressure screenings typically take about 5-10 minutes. We ask that individuals wear clothing that allows access to a bare arm for the most accurate results. It’s important to note that some factors, such as drinking coffee or engaging in physical activity prior to a screening, may cause results to be inconsistent. We encourage regular monitoring of your blood pressure because hypertension (high blood pressure) can lead to a heart attack or stroke.
Cholesterol screenings take about 10-15 minutes total. Individuals do not need to fast prior to a cholesterol screening. This type of screening requires a finger stick to collect a blood sample. Regular monitoring of cholesterol levels is important because it can help prevent coronary heart disease.
Upon completion of any screening, MHA Community Health Workers will provide a brief overview of health education relating to the type of screening you received, along with a review of your results.

Coming Soon

Glucose (A1c), Hepatitis C and HIV screenings

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Hypertension & Cholesterol Education


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