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In July 2018, MHA received seed money from AEGIS Treatments Centers through a multi-county grant funded by the California Department of Health Care Services to build an opioid prevention coalition, resulting in the Mendonoma Opioid Alliance (MOA).
During our coalition building phase MOA was able to convene all major stakeholders together in one setting. Those entities are still members of the MOA. Stakeholders include: AEGIS, CLSD, RCMS, Point Arena Schools District (which consists of Arena Union Elementary, Point Arena High School and South Coast Continuation School), Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department, Coastal Seniors, Action Network, and Safe Rx (a county-led Public Health coalition that serves inland communities and communities north of our service area).
Through MOA efforts, MHA’s Community Health Workers (CHW) provide opioid prevention education curriculum to Point Arena High School, South Coast Continuation School, Pacific Coast Charter School, Manchester Elementary School, Arena Elementary School, Kashia Schoolhouse, and Horicon Elementary School.
Additionally, MOA provides free prescription lock bags to the community with the intent of reducing theft, misuse and accidental ingestion of medications by child and pets. Lock bags have been distributed to Point Arena Pharmacy, both RCMS clinic locations, Coastal Seniors, Action Network, Gualala Veterinarian and Point Arena Dental Clinic, where residents can request one free of charge.
Lastly, MOA participant organizations (RCMS, Action Network, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department) and Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department work together to host drug take-back events so residents have a place to safely dispose of old medications and other substances. This sort of event helps reduce the likelihood of substances ending up in water or being ingested by children, youth or pets. Refer to our Calendar for upcoming drug take-back dates and locations.

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