Substance Use Prevention


In response to findings in Mendonoma Health Alliance’s 2019 Opioid/Substance Use Needs Assessment, Mendonoma Health provides a variety of prevention-based services that are all free to the community.
Using evidence-based education materials developed by the National Institute of Health, Drug Enforcement Agency and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (among other resources), Mendonoma Health’s Community Health Workers develop prevention curriculum to educate local youth about the effects of opioid and substance use on the body, brain and life. The curriculum is adjusted annually to fit the requests of local school administration and youth.
To avoid accidental ingestion of prescription pills, Mendonoma Health Alliance offers free prescription lock bags to the community. Lock bags are secure, with a unique lock for each bag that ensures prescription medications cannot be accessed by others.  Lock bags are distributed during outreach events by Mendonoma Health and through our partner organizations (Redwood Coast Medical Services, Arena Pharmacy and Coastal Seniors). In addition, Mendonoma Health Alliance provides free pill organizers so that individuals with pain medication prescriptions can easily track medication intake to avoid accidental overdose.
At least twice per year, Mendonoma Health Alliance partners with the Mendocino County or Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office to host Rx Take-Back events. The events are normally held in conjunction with another community event and the locations are rotated throughout the Service Area. The purpose of these events is to collect unused or expired prescription medications to reduce theft and for proper disposal.

Addiction Treatment Options

Mendonoma Health Alliance partners with Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS), Mendocino Coast Clinics (MCC) and Bright Heart Health to expand access to out-patient treatment options for individuals struggling with opioid and substance addiction. Mendonoma Health provides Care Coordination for individuals that are receiving treatment from our partners. RCMS provides medically-assisted treatment for individuals who are experiencing opioid use disorder. Mendocino Coast Clinics also offers medically-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder and behavioral health support services. Some of Mendocino Coast Clinic’s services are available through telemedicine, depending on the patient’s needs. (Ask Mendonoma Health Alliance to help with Care Coordination if interested in receiving MCC services virtually.) Bright Heart Health provides telemedicine virtually for a wide range of addictions, from alcohol and methamphetamines, to prescription pain medication and other opioids. Bright Heart Health services can be accessed by any individual in the comfort of their own home or at Mendonoma Health Alliance’s offices. To learn more about Mendonoma Health’s Access Point option, call (707) 412-3176 x102.

Peer Recovery Meetings

If you are in recovery from addiction or contemplating recovery, you are welcome to join us for Peer Recovery Meetings at Mendonoma Health Alliance.  Meetings are held every week at Mendonoma Health’s conference room located at 39251 S HWY 1 in Gualala.
Every Wednesday we hold a one-hour check-in meeting that will help build a community of support for participants. Fridays will do the same and will incorporate a skill-building activity.
Contact Jake at (707) 412-3176 x108 for more details.
  • Wednesdays:   3:00PM – 4:00PM
  • Fridays:  3:30PM – 5:00PM
Weekly Peer Recovery Meetings flyer. Picture of man in black hoodie

Alternative Pain Management Resource Guide

This resource guide is intended for informational purposes only.  It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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Spanish Version

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