Emergency Care Services

Our Goal

MHA seeks to expand available emergency services in our geographically-isolated community. MHA serves an isolated, frontier population for whom access to emergency care is limited and difficult. The Emergency Care Services initiative will improve access to and quality of emergency services. This will be accomplished by better integrating available resources of MHA’s hospital member, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital (SRMH), with local services provided by Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS) and Coast Life Support District (CLSD). Providing patients with more timely access to the level of care appropriate to their need and better medical decisions around the need to transport or treat locally are important elements of this initiative. MHA will work to expand the use of technology to improve the diagnostic capabilities of both RCMS and CLSD and facilitate improved coordination of services among the providers. 

Current Focus

As a component of the grant provided to our network by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, MHA, RCMS and CLSD are committed to bringing needed emergency equipment to RCMS’s urgent care department, including lactate and ultrasound equipment. We are also working to improve the coordination of care between RCMS and Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital to ensure that patients receive follow up care after being discharged from the hospital.

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