Access to Care

Our Goal

Access to medical care for members of the rural Mendonoma Coast may be our greatest healthcare challenge. MHA seeks to improve our community’s access to specialty care, pharmaceuticals, and other services through work with our Network partners (RCMS, CLSD, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital).  Additionally, MHA recognizes that improving transportation resources and implementation of new technology, such as telemedicine, are critical in providing more healthcare options. Successful collaboration with our partners will play a key role in developing, implementing and sustaining new services.

Current Focus

In late 2017, MHA launched a Care Transitions program to assist local residents who have been discharged from the hospital and provide support when they come home.
Support is offered by MHA’s Community Health Workers who provide individualized coordination for clients based on their needs. Some examples of how our CHWs can help include: medication adherence, transportation coordination, and booking follow-up appointments with primary care doctors or specialists. Our CHWs ensure that our clients have the food that they need, access to specific medical equipment, and that an appropriate amount of time is spent visiting and coordinating the services unique to each person.
To provide resources that lead to increased access to specialty care, MHA hired the California Teleheatlh Resource Center to complete an in-depth assessment of RCMS to evaluate its readiness for implementation of a telemedicine program for the Mendonoma community. Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. The assessment resulted in a comprehensive document that provides the how-to for program development, implementation and sustainability of a telemedicine program at RCMS.

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