About Us
The Mendonoma Health Alliance (MHA) was formed in 2016 by three northern California health care organizations: Coast Life Support District, Redwood Coast Medical Services, and St. Joseph’s Health System. This integrated rural health network is focused on expanding access to, coordinating, and improving the quality of healthcare services in our coastal community.

Our MISSION is to improve local access to wellness education, prevention services and quality healthcare through creative solutions in collaboration with our community.

Our VISION is optimal health and wellness necessary to promote quality of life for everyone in our community.

The CORE VALUES of MHA include person-focused decisions, integrity, collaboration, excellence, accountability and stewardship. These values guide our actions as we work together to provide healthcare services to our community.

The Mendonoma Health Alliance (MHA) has received grant funding to support its efforts to expand access, coordinate, and improve the quality of healthcare services for residents in our isolated Mendonoma coast. On July 1, 2017, MHA was notified of two grant awards by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, a department of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). These funds will support core programs and initiatives focused on improving local access to wellness education, prevention services and quality healthcare access for residents of rural areas in coastal Southwest Mendocino County and Northwest Sonoma County.

The HRSA grants provide funding to implement core programs and initiatives already identified in a yearlong strategic planning process. As a founding member of MHA, RCMS also serves as the lead applicant for the two federal grants and, as such, is responsible for providing administrative and programmatic direction. This funding will allow for implementation of identified core programs and initiatives that were developed during MHA’s year-long strategic planning process, also partially funded by HRSA.

MHA is supported by Bonnie Noble, Network Director; Heather Regelbrugge, Community Health Worker; and Claire Freson, Network Coordinator.

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Meet The Team
  1. Diane Agee
  2. Bonnie Noble, PhD, RN
    MHA Network Director
  3. Mark Kal, MD
    RCMS Medical Director
  4. Tuck Bierbaum, MD
    Medical Director, Regional Referral Program, St. Joseph's Health System
  5. Alex Long
    RCMS Board Co-Chairman
  6. Claire Freson
    MHA Network Coordinator
  7. Leslie Tittle, MD
    CLSD Board Member
  8. David Caley, RN, MPA
    CLSD District Administrator
  9. Carm Moceri
    Regional Chief Strategy Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health
  10. Janis Sites
    Network Coordinator
    The MHA Governing Body consists of individuals representing each of the founding organizations as well as other engaged community members.
Geoff Beaty       
David Caley       
Diane Agee        
Leslie Tittle        
Carm Moceri     ​

Tuck Bierbaum
Dan Schurman    

​​Morgan Jolley
Don Kemp
Alex Long
Barbara Fast    
Mark Kal

Carolyn Andre